At this time it is illegal by federal law to grow industrial hemp for commercial purposes in the U.S. – unlike in more than 30 other countries, including Canada and most of Europe, where it has been (re)-legalized more than 15 years ago or never been illegal.

Organizations such as Vote HempHemp Industry Association and Hemp History Week have been vigorously creating awareness and working on legal changes on federal as well as state levels to legalize industrial hemp for many years.

As a result of their work the 2014 U.S. farm bill legalizes research of industrial hemp in states that already legalized hemp cultivation. Although California is one of these states and we can grow hemp within agricultural pilot programs now, there are still changes in state legislation required for a more streamlined process.

Laws on federal and state level still have to be changed and adopted to legalize commercial farming of industrial hemp.

There are initiatives underway, on state and federal level to create these changes.

These changes will regular crop under agricultural leadership and not the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). At that point hemp can be grown and processed like other crops.

Below you find detailed information about the current legislation as well as frequently updated information about initiatives to accomplish more legislative changes on state and federal level.